iShareDisk diskless boot system is a high-quality network. Its functionality to meet the current campus, Internet cafes, businesses, hotels, securities, services, KTV box VOD demand, can choose to deploy a disk or diskless Windows diskless boot full range of products and integrated solutions!!more...

  • Supports Microsoft System

    Network Diskless start Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista (32/64-bit), Windows 2008/R2 64-bit, Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and Windows 8.

  • Support SSD caching

    According to the usage of intelligent storage data, cache read-ahead time, to provide every user faster data access speed, and take full advantage of the SSD hard drive performance.

  • Humanized interface

    built-in DHCP, of PXE, iPXE, TFTP upload mirror, iSCSI functionality, iSCSI diskless boot faster and more convenient to deploy, suitable for a variety of system solutions.

  • Operating system choice

    Boot loader to start a different operating system, such as Windows XP, Windows7, to achieve a multi-system menu functions convenient

  • Online failover

    Double serving hot standby to ensure that the client online, intelligent load balancing to provide the best performance and stability of the system 

  • High-performance virtual disk

    Support seven kinds of mirror image file format: physical drive label, VMWare files, Microsoft Virtual PC the VHD, VirtualBox VDI, IMG, ISO, etc.

  • BootAnyWhere technology

    Quick Installation approachable, and support with a diskless boot image file support any motherboard and any network card.

  • Disk snapshot technology

    Customized to meet the demand, mirroring package create unlimited support of restore points, create multiple configurations (a package of multi-distribution) called the industry's most complex hardware mirroring package.

1.Enhance the confidentiality of information security   2.Reduce computer maintenance issues
3.Reduce the risk of hackers poisoning                     4.System software virtual shared
5.Reduce the hardware cost of electricity                   6.Extend host life
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  • Special Note: This iSharedisk is not free software. Any unauthorized commercial use and sale will be subject to legal constraints. This statement applies to all versions.
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